Who we are ?

Welcome to Brochier Vulliod’s house

To enter the world of stones is to penetrate into the heart of the mystery of colour and light. A unique adventure, which our House has been living and sharing since 1980.

Brochier Vulliod was born from a trip to Asia, from a meeting of the founders with this fascinating world which was to become a passion, then a profession: gem trading.

Our offices are located in Lyon – the historical cradle of jewelry manufacturers – and in Paris, in order to be close to our customers all over the territory.

Our human-sized team is made up of involved, versatile and globe-trotting employees: most of them spend a large part of their time in the field, hence a very detailed knowledge of the markets and players.

Thailand, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Zambia, Brazil… All over the world, we favour short circuits to collect stones of the highest quality in order to offer them to our customers at the best price.

Our Philosophy

For Brochier Vulliod, there are no standard clients. Independent designers, major jewellery houses: we carry out our work with and for our customers, in a relationship of exchange based on trust and listening. This requirement structures our activity and dictates our values: rigour, discretion, loyalty and commitment.

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